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Bal et concert

Plutôt salle de bal ou concert intime dans votre salon ? 

J'ai la chance de jouer sur des scènes magnifiques, avec l'énergie indescriptible partagée avec les danseurs. 

Pourtant l'univers chaleureux et familial d'un salon est un espace que j'affectionne particulièrement pour proposer des moments musicaux "à écouter".

Dans un cas comme dans l'autre, la raison qui m'amène à jouer de l'accordéon est bien celle-ci : offrir une dimension humaine, tant dans son accessibilité que dans la beauté de rencontres simples, joyeuses et tournées vers l'avenir.


Accordion and Voice Concert: A Journey into My Universe.

Imagine a simple chair, and I’ll take you on a 45-minute journey through my world. 

During this concert, I’ll share stories from my 8 years of nomadic life, the history of a social theater under a circus tent, and significant moments from my biography—hiking in the Alps, my tour of France with companions, and my life with the gypsies. 

My Conditions:

  • Accommodation and Meals: Provided

  • Travel Expenses: Covered by you (from Avignon)

  • Private Concert: A minimum contribution of €180 is necessary (collected in a hat, Guzzo).

  • Public Concert: 45 minutes. For more information, feel free to contact me here.

Let the music and stories weave their magic! 

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Bal folk 

Private bal folk ?

What about a Novative Traditional Dance Experience.

Imagine stepping into the heart of traditional dance, right in the comfort of your own living room. 

Here’s what awaits you during this 45-minute discovery session:

  • Learn the basic steps and explore both group and partner dances.

  • Regardless of gender or ability, anyone who wishes to dance will find their rhythm.

  • We’ll discuss concepts of consent, respect, and sharing.

Following this, we’ll transition into a 1-hour folk dance session where we’ll put into practice what we’ve learned. Expect a few delightful surprises along the way! 

To make this experience truly magical, we need a small group of 10 participants.

My Conditions:

  • You provide me the accommodation and meals.

  • You cover my travel expenses (from Avignon).

  • A minimum contribution of €240 is necessary (collected in a hat, Guzzo).

For more information, feel free to reach out via email:

And if you’re interested in a public folk dance event:

  • 1.5 hours of neo-traditional accordion music.

  • Most of my pieces are original compositions.

Public Event Conditions:

  • You provide me the accommodation and meals.

  • You cover my travel expenses in advance (from Avignon).

For further details, feel free to contact me here.



Co-leading and Social Dance Experience

1.5-Hour Dance Workshop: Exploring Movement and Connection

After a warm-up, I invite you to explore the tools that have allowed me to dance in a way that feels most appropriate with others. 


Listening to Each Other: How can we be attuned to our dance partner, ourselves, and the music while maintaining harmony with fellow dancers?

Setting Boundaries: How do we communicate when to say “no” during a dance? How can we trust our partner?

Dancing Blindfolded: Have you ever tried dancing with your eyes closed, relying solely on touch and intuition?

I’ll share my own experiences and techniques, some of which I’ve developed over time, while others I’ve borrowed from fellow dance instructors. 

My Workshop Details and conditions:

  • Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Location: Avignon (you cover my travel expenses)

  • Contribution: A minimum of €10 per participant (collected in a hat)

For more information, feel free to reach out! 🎉

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